Customer, Serve Thyself

| Working | September 10, 2013

(I’m chatting with one of the guys working at the store. He is wearing a purple top with the store logo in huge letters, while I’m wearing a top from a completely different company. A customer approaches and starts talking to the worker.)

Customer: “I need one of those things that split the power in a car.”

Worker: “Sorry, we don’t stock them.”

Customer: *turns around to me* “Do you know where I can get one?”

Me: “Oh, well [company #1] and [company #2] would definitely have one. [Company #1] would be cheapest, although [company #2] is just around the corner. If you have time they would be far cheaper online.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you; you have been so helpful. I’m going to put a good word in with your manager!”

(Later, as I’m leaving…)

Manager: “You keep that up, and you will be in line for a promotion.”

Me: “You would have to pay me first.”

Manager: “You keep that up and you will be in line for a job and a promotion.”

(I stuck with my old job, but found a new favorite store!)

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