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Customer Refusal To See The Truth Is Baked In

, , , | Right | December 19, 2022

Our shop was recently partially remodeled, meaning the bakery counter near the entrance was removed completely to make more space for our merchandise, and the registers were rearranged.

We still get bread, rolls, and pastry from the bakery that worked the counter, though, which is for sale in a self-serve display. The very same display was been in use in the old layout when it was stocked by said bakery.

I’m straightening some shelves near the checkout when a lady approaches me.

Customer: “I just have to tell you this: since the bakery is gone, you don’t have those tasty rolls in your display anymore. You always carried them, and I came here specifically to get them.”

Me: “Oh, yes, the counter is gone, but we still get the same merchandise from them. We just restock it ourselves.”

Customer: “No, those are not the same. They taste different.”

Me: “I can’t really imagine, as they are the same product from the same company. They just don’t retail it themselves. Here, let me show you.”

I walk behind the display to grab this morning’s delivery slip, which has the company’s logo and address printed on top.

Customer: *Getting angry* “You don’t have to show me! I don’t want to see this. It’s not true, anyway. I know a [Other Bakery] roll when I taste one!” *Stomps away*

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