This Customer Raised A Whole Bunch Of Burgundy Flags

, , , | Right | January 4, 2018

(My mom works at a party store, and usually has some sort of story to tell when she gets home from work. This particular instance occurred during graduation season. A woman from a private middle school in the area called in an order of white and burgundy balloons to be picked up the next day, but when her order was brought out to her…)

Woman: *gasps in horror* “That’s not burgundy!”

Mom: “Yes, it is.”

Woman: “No, it’s not! Those balloons are red!”

Mom: *grabs a nearby red balloon* “No, ma’am, this is red. I can assure you those are burgundy.”

Woman: *distraught* “Oh, I’ve got to call someone about this.”

(She proceeds to pull out her cell phone while still in line at the balloon counter and call someone, saying things like “I don’t know; the woman says they’re burgundy, but they look too red!” and “They just look red to me! It’ll be a disaster!” Whoever she called eventually convinced her to pay for the balloons and go, after about five minutes, and as she walks away with them, my mom hears her say:)

Woman: “Well… maybe they don’t look as bad as I thought after all.”

(My mom and the other balloon counter clerk just glanced at each other, sighed, and continued working.)

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