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Customer Is Always Right = Mob Justice

, , , | Right | July 22, 2020

My cable box is in need of replacement, and I am told I have to go down to the local branch store to pick up a new one. When I get there, there is a long line of people, all obviously tired of waiting, and a customer at the service window.

Customer: “…and I need [something], too.”

Clerk: “Sorry, sir, I’m not allowed to do that, and my boss is out at the moment.”

Customer: “I said I need it!”

The clerk looks a little flustered.

Clerk: “I’m very sorry, sir, I really can’t do what you’re asking.”

The customer gets indignant, and suddenly, someone in the back of the line starts yelling.

Line Guy: “Just give it to him, lady! I want to get out of here!”

This incites a riot, and everyone in line starts clamoring and yelling at the poor clerk. I’ve had enough.

Me:People! Quiet down! She’s just doing her job! Relax!”

Things quiet for all of a minute… and then the yelling starts again. I finally reach the window.

Me: “Sorry about them. It’s insane.”

Clerk: *Smiles* “That’s okay. I really appreciate you trying to help, though. Now, how can I help you?”

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