Customer Empathy Is Collapsing

, , , , , | Right | July 24, 2020

I have had small dizzy spells throughout the day. Thinking I am just tired, I push through them.

Me: “Here is your change, sir, your order should be…”

Things get fuzzy and dark around the edges.

Me: “…out… short—”

I pass out. I am out for a few minutes and knock over the cup holder and divider for the cash registers, and I have a large lump on my head from falling. I come to with my coworkers standing over me filling out orders.

Customer: “What a lazy lout! Sleeping on the job! I hope you fire her for holding everything up with her laziness!”

Coworker: “That’s my sister! She just collapsed and hit her head!”

Customer: “Don’t you cover for her! Lazy b****!”

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