The Customer Is Always White

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(I just got promoted and am given a radio on the same channel as all the managers. I get a call on the radio from the head manager of my department. One of my associates — who is black — is wearing his company windbreaker, but his hood is on. I am told to tell him to take it off. I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed, but I do it, anyway. Later on, I see another associate — who is white — wearing a hood, and I tell her to take it off.)

White Associate: “It’s not against the rules.”

Me: “[Manager] made [Black Associate] take off his hood, so maybe he’s just in a bad mood. Just take it off for now.”

(I am approached by a supervisor a few moments later.)

Supervisor: “[White Associate] told me you told her to take off her hood. Why’d you do that? As long as it is a company windbreaker, it’s okay.”

Me: “Well, yeah. [Manager] told me to tell [Black Associate] that earlier, so I didn’t want to get yelled at again.”

Supervisor: *rolling her eyes* “Oh, [Manager] only did that because some racist customer found him having his hood on was ‘threatening and scary.’ We don’t actually have a rule on it. [Black Associate] could’ve put his hood back on after the customer left.

Me: “No one told me that.”

Supervisor: “Well, did you expect [Manager] to say all that over the radio where anyone could hear?”

(The supervisor walked away and I was left standing there in shock, wondering whether humanity existed anymore in this “customer is always right” world.)

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