The Customer Is Always Right, But The Price Isn’t

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(My partner and I order a large platter of chicken from the deli at our local grocery store and go to pick it up.)

Partner: “Hello, is the pick-up order for [Partner] at [time], ready?”

Cashier: “Yeah, hold on.”

(The cashier goes and gets our order and sets it at the counter. It has a large container of ranch sitting on top that we did not order.)

Me: “We didn’t order ranch; are you sure you grabbed the right one?”

Cashier: *deep sigh* “Yes! Your total is [price almost half of what it should be].”

Partner: “That can’t be right; are you sure this is our order?”

Cashier: *snippy* “Yeah! It’s !”

Me: “There is no way that’s right; the base price before taxes is $9 more than that. Are you sure you don’t want to check and make sure you grabbed the right one?”

(At this point the cashier looks pretty angry and seems like she is about to say something, when an older deli worker steps up to see why this is taking so long.)

Older Worker: “What are you—” *looks at register, then leans in and squints as they look back and forth between the price and the platter* “What is wrong with you?! That platter is [correct price]! You know that! Fix It!”

(They walk off to continue working and our cashier gets a weirdly smug look while FINALLY looking into the system for our order information. She clicks around, puts in the right total, and straightens out the order.)

Cashier: “That’s what happens when you can’t keep your mouth shut! You could have gotten it for a cheaper price, but—”

Partner: “You realize that you would have got in trouble if we had done that, right?”

Cashier: “What?”

Me: “We’ve both worked retail. Order systems like this have a base amount you should have at the end of the day if all the orders were picked up. They would look to see where that other $13 went and see that it was a transaction you did, and then they could write you up or fire you.”

(At this the cashier goes pale and turns super friendly.)

Cashier: “Well, mistakes happen, and you two are just really good people! Just really, really great people.”

(We slide our card and collect out order.)

Me: “Not everyone you meet in retail is a bowl of sunshine. You have a great day!”

Cashier: “Yeah.”

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