Cursed By The Giant Spaghetti Monster

| Related | July 10, 2013

(My family is having reheated leftovers for lunch. We’re all a little hyper.)

Little Brother: “Why does my spaghetti taste funny?”

Me: “The microwave cursed it. Now you have been cursed.”

Little Brother: “And my children? And my children’s children?”

Older Brother: “But not the children after that.”

Little Brother: “What about those children’s children?”

Older Brother: “Hmm… some of them. It’s like—what’s the number sequence where it’s one, then one, then two…”

Little Brother: “The Fibonacci sequence.”

Older Brother: “That. That’s how it goes.”

(My older brother proceeds to launch into a highly mathematical explanation of how it will be determined which of my little brother’s descendants will be cursed.)

Older Brother: “So yeah, that’s how I cursed you… wait. Was I the one that cursed him?”

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