Curiosity Killed My Mom

| Romantic | March 1, 2015

(I’m telling my boyfriend about my cat, who is rather old and sick and will probably have to be put down soon.)

Me: “What do you even do with a pet when they die? Does the vet take care of them?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, you can have the vet cremate them.”

Me: “I’ll have to talk to my mom about it. She’s had to do a lot of this kind of planning lately, especially with her parents passing. We’ve even had the conversation about what she would want us to do for her when the time comes.”

Boyfriend: “Well, you could always just bury her in the back yard?”

Me: *thinking he’s joking* “You think? But it’s a small back yard and it would kill the property value. You know I’m not keeping that place when my parents go.”

Boyfriend: “For a cat?”

Me: “Oh, I thought you meant my mom.”

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