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Cupid Embraces Modern Technology

| Romantic | July 1, 2013

(I am a woman working in a tech store. I’m half way through an IT degree, but often customers don’t believe I’m male enough to help. A young female customer enters the store.)

Me: “Hi there, are you looking for anything particular today?”

Customer: “Um, yeah, I guess.”

Me: “Awesome, what can I help you with?

Customer: “Do you have any guys working today?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “Men. Are there any men on shift?”

Me: “Ma’am, I can assure you I’m perfectly qualified to help you with any IT enquiries you have today. Quite frankly, I’m offended that you think that as a woman, I’m incompetent.”

Customer: “Incompetent? Oh, God, I’m sure you’re entirely competent! I’m just looking for smart guys! It’s so hard to find a man with any brains.”

Me: “Oh. Well, in that case, go ask for [co-worker], over in white goods; he’s single.”

(My coworker asks her out, and they’ve been dating for four months now!)

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