Cults Are Fickle Like The Wind

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(One of my friends, a mature-aged lady, has become quite interested in a group that, to me, seemed quite cultish. She talks non-stop about it and is starting to get other friends interested, too. I am a bit worried about the change in her. The leader of the group is making a trip to our city, and my friend immediately buys her ticket to the event.)

Friend #1: “[My Name], are you going to come to [Group Meeting]?”

Me: “No, it’s too expensive for me; I can’t warrant the cost. *almost $400*

Friend #2: “It’s going to be worth it; we are going to get so much out of it.”

Friend #1: “I know, right?” *starts raving about the group*

(It’s a few days after the meeting. Usually my friends post everything to social media but I’ve seen nothing.)

Me: *to [Friend #2]* “So, how was the weekend?”

Friend #2: “Oh, my God, it was horrible. We paid all that money and they didn’t even supply chairs; we had to sit on the floor. And then the bowing started; we were supposed to bow down with our face in the dirty carpet.”

Me: “The bowing was the main thing that put me off of the group, but grovelling on the carpet sounds worse.”

Friend #2: “But that wasn’t the worst part! We decided not put our faces to the carpet and looked forward instead. That’s when the man in front of us started farting right into our faces. It was rancid. The rest of the day didn’t get any better. It’s turned me off this group, and also given [Friend #1] second thoughts.”

(Thanks to a farting man, I no longer had to worry about my friends.)

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