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Cuisine On Cruise Control

| Friendly | November 2, 2014

(I’m on a Caribbean cruise with a group of friends. Today we’re stopping in Cozumel, México. We’ve pre-booked an activity for the day, but we can’t remember whether or not food is included. It should be noted that Friend #2 is known for being a picky eater, and is also known for his lack of worldly knowledge. The following discussion ensues:)

Friend #1: “Is lunch included with this excursion, or are we going to just go find a taco stand or something?”

Friend #2: *angrily* “I’m not going to eat México’s tacos!”

(We all burst into laughter, although Friend #2 doesn’t seem to be quite sure why.)

Me: “Well, then, whose tacos are you going to eat?”

Friend #2: “Um… I like Taco Bell!”

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