Crying Over Spoiled Milk

, , , , , | Right | December 14, 2018

(My manager and I are in the break room when another associate comes in. She looks irritated.)

Me: “Hey, [Associate], what’s up?”

Associate: “I just need a minute.”

Manager: “Are you ill?”

Associate: “No, just… people.”

Me: “What happened?”

Associate: “A lady just went off on customer service for refusing her exchange.”

Me: “What was she trying to exchange?”

Associate: “Spoiled milk.”

Manager: *sits forward, concerned* “Spoiled? I’ll contact the dairy department and have—”

Associate: “She left it in the car for two weeks. Apparently, it was pretty swollen when she found it.”

Manager: “Oh. Yeah, sorry… No.”

(We hear an announcement on the headset:)

Announcer: “Clean-up to the grocery entrance with a mop and bucket. A customer said some lady drove by and threw… milk? …out the window of her car, and it exploded.”

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