Crying Over Spilled Idiot

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For as long as I can remember, employees have not been allowed a drink on the factory floor. Sure, you can have a drink in the break rooms, and you can go grab a drink if it is really hot. But no drinks at the workstation! I’ve never really questioned it; it is the rule and you get told off if you don’t follow it. It is easier to comply than it is to go out of your way to break the rules.

This summer is hot — unbearably hot. The company dishes out coffee mugs with screw-on lids. The rule is: use this cup or no drinks! Again, not a problem. I, like many, fill mine with water and use it as I work.

It is about this time that [Coworker] starts. [Coworker] is one of those guys whose motto is, “You can’t tell me what to do.” He seems to pick something totally arbitrary or just plain annoying to rally against, and once it is in his head he won’t put it down. It’s a shame because he does get on with his work, when he feels like it.

It seems that [Coworker] doesn’t like to use the mugs and will bring bottles of drink in. He was told off a few times, so he hides the bottles. Someone points this out to a leader, so [Coworker] gets extremely passive-aggressive and keeps bringing in drinks anyway.

A few months go on and the spectacle of [Coworker] and his drinks becomes a bit boring. I am only aware that it is an issue when they call the entire shop floor together about a recent “issue.”

Leader: “Someone spilt a bottle of cola over a handmade, custom car interior. Not only do we have to scrap this, but it was already late. And it was a replacement for one already sent wrong. The customer is not going to be happy!

General muttering and swearing goes around the crowd and [Coworker]’s name is mentioned several times.

Another Coworker: “Does this mean we are going to lose our drinks?”

There’s more swearing and general cursing of [Coworker].

Leader: “Now, now… No, you will not be losing your drinks. The matter has been solved another way. But please continue to use the provided non-spill cups.”

I looked around and realised that I hadn’t seen [Coworker] for a few days. It looks like his attitude of not being told what to do got him told to go home and not to come back.

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