Crying All The Way To The Bank

| Working | December 26, 2013

(I open a new bank account over the phone. I want to connect it to my Paypal site instead of using my everyday account. I want to make everyday transactions and internet transactions separate.)

Me: “Hi. I am having a problem connecting my new account to my Paypal account. Can you help me with this?”

Bank Clerk: “I don’t see any issues here with your account. It seems to me as a problem with the Paypal site.”

Me: “I have had my previous account connected with Paypal before and had no issues when connecting this time. It said to contact my bank, which is you.”

Bank Clerk: “It’s not a problem on our end. It must be the site.”

Me: “I know it isn’t the Paypal site since it’s quite simple to connect my other account to it. Since I am connecting another account that I have with you, there must be a problem with the account. Can you please look further? I am sure I am not the first person who has had issues like this, being it is the age of internet banking and all.”

Bank Clerk: “The account is fine here. It must be a problem with the site.”

Me: “Okay. You seem to not be listening. I have exhausted all other reasons as to why it could not connect. The main issue is that my new account is not being accepted. It is the same as my other account that I connected without issues. Can you please ask someone if THEY have heard of such issues before?”

Bank Clerk: “The account is active and working properly. Maybe you should ask the site for help.”

Me: “This is an internet banking issue and you are my bank. Help me fix the problem, please.”

Bank Clerk: “I don’t see how it is our problem. The account is working fine, but you aren’t able to connect to the site. Ask the site for help.”

Me: “I seem to be talking to an idiot. Please put me through to a supervisor, now!”

(The supervisor is fetched.)

Supervisor: “Hi. I have looked at your issue and see that your new account has not had any money put in it. Most sites, when connecting a new account, put through a small transaction to see if the account is not fake. Might I suggest you transfer some money from your other account to this one to solve this problem?”

Me: “Oh my, of course! Thank you! You need to fire that idiot I was speaking to before. He has no clue what he’s doing.”

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