Crumbling Down The Traditional Gender Roles

| Learning | July 12, 2015

(I am in kindergarten. For a class celebration, I have brought homemade oatmeal cookies, my favorite, to share with my classmates. My father is in the military and my school is on base; it leans towards very traditional gender roles/family values. My family does not; my father is the cook, baker, and sewer in the family, while my step-mother can do none of these things. After passing out the cookies, this conversation ensues:)

Teacher: “[My Name], these cookies are delicious. When you go home, be sure to ask your mommy to send in the recipe.”

Me: “Actually, my daddy made these cookies.”

Teacher: “You mean your mommy made them.”

Me: “No, my daddy made them.”

Teacher: *more forcefully* “You mean your mommy made them.”

Me: “No, she didn’t. My daddy made them.”

Teacher: “I’m sure you mean he helped your mommy make them.”

Me: *confused* “No! My daddy made these cookies by himself!”

(This went on for another five minutes. My teacher was convinced I was lying and actually called home to discuss the matter with my parents. My father had to come to the school to pick me up and corroborate my story!)

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