| VT, USA | Friendly | August 15, 2016

(My city has an annual firework show during the 4th of July weekend. Being the biggest show in the state, it is always packed, with people sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder just to see the show. After the show ends, my fiancé and I are in amongst the crowd waiting to get through a bottleneck caused by a narrow opening in a fence, when a man sticks his hand out in front of me, nearly hitting me in the face.)

Man: “Hey, there’s a lady with a baby trying to get through here!”

(The lady pushes her stroller in front of my fiancé and me, trying to cut sideways through the rest of the crowd who has now had to stop so that she can get through.)

Lady: “THANK you. I just can’t believe some people, you know? It’s ridiculous how entitled they get!”

(The man begins to agree with the woman and they both stand there, talking about how rude people are for not letting this woman (one of hundreds of mothers with children) through. Irritated at this point for having to stop and almost getting hit in the face by a random person, as well as frustrated with the woman’s attitude, I speak up:)

Me: “It’s not like there’s a CROWD here or anything.”

(At this moment, the crowd starts moving so my fiancé and I move forward. About 20 seconds later, we hear the woman from behind us:)


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