Crocodile Denial

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(My older sister is playing with my young brother, who is around six or seven years old. My older sister decides they should race together across the field, so they hold hands and run. Somehow my brother trips very awkwardly and dislocates his shoulder. Since neither my sister or mother know how to set it, they take my brother, crying in pain, to the hospital, where they quickly put it back. However, since my brother is quite young, they need to ascertain, as per usual, whether there is the possibility there has been child abuse. They ask him repeatedly how he hurt his shoulder. He tells them what happened, but somehow they keep pressing the matter, as “I was running and I fell” probably sounds like a dubious answer. They ask him, talk for a bit, and then ask him again. Finally, he gets fed up with the whole thing.)

Medical Staff: “So, tell me again: how did you hurt your arm?”

Brother: “A crocodile bit it!

(They stopped asking him after that.)

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