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Crippling Her Chances Of Getting The Job

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I work in the same office as my brother. He had an injury as a child and finds it difficult to move around without a wheelchair. We are doing interviews today.

Brother: “[My Name]! Can you help, please!” 

I turn and see him being wheeled away by someone I have never seen before. My brother is trying to keep the brakes on, but she is pushing so hard it is wearing them down. 

Brother: “She isn’t listening to me!”

Woman: “Now shush. You shouldn’t be talking!”

Me: “Excuse me! What on earth are you doing? 

Woman: “Oh, I’m just taking this differently-abled person for a walk. They need extra special attention!”

I’m speechless.

Woman: “Do you mind holding the door?” 

Me: “I do, actually.”

I move to grab the chair and she pushes me hard into the printer behind me. 

Woman: “Excuse me, misogynist! You do not have permission to touch me!” 

Brother: “And you don’t have permission to touch me!”

The woman actually pokes his cheek.

Woman: “SHUSH!”

Me: “All right. I’ve had enough. [Coworker], call security. This woman is to be removed.”

Woman: “Oh, how typical. The woman has to leave because the misogynist assaulted her.”

Me: “You are physically moving my brother against his will. You’re lucky I’m not getting the police involved.”

Woman: “Whatever. I’m actually here for an interview.”

Me: *Laughing* “Well, I doubt you’ll be getting that job. What is it for, anyway?”

Woman: “IT technician.”

My brother starts laughing hysterically.

Woman: “Poor boy. He’s obviously depraved.”

Me: “No, he’s laughing because he’s the IT manager. He would be your boss if you got through the interview.”

Brother: “Not a chance in Hell!”

She gawks at him and stutters a garbled excuse for her behaviour. As security arrives and escorts her out, she finally says something coherent. 


Half The Office: “ME!”

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