Criminal Roundup

| General | May 31, 2018

In celebration of our new Legal category, we offer up a scandalous list. Here are some of our favorite tales of criminals and scammers.  It’s almost illegal to resist reading these stories!



They Stole Her Precious — The rotten apple rots right next to the rotting tree.

Thoughts Suspended — When the Bad Guy wants to be a Good Guy but doesn’t understand why he’s the Bad Guy.

Should Have Stolen Some Military Intelligence — This criminal’s excuses just fly right past those not buying them.

When Two Wrongs Make It Right — Sometimes they just hand themselves over.

Gotta Give Them Credit (Cards) For Trying — Applying a great way to catch a thief.

The Great Zucchini Heist — When assuming things are free for the taking becomes free to be arrested.

Developing Arrest — This kind of effort for underage drinking deserves a reward.

Not Your Problem Will Cause You Problems — Shut off for scamming? Just come back and demand more free things!

Needs To Press Paws — When a thief turns violent, the tables are quickly turned.

Admitting Defeat Was An Easy Thing Touché — An medal-winning way to stop a thief.

More Thanks-Taking Than Thanksgiving — We love every excuse to pull out the craziest-ever tale of the multi-participant, multi-crime, turkey battle.


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