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Criminal Behavior

, , , , , | Right | August 9, 2010

(For eleven days each summer, Calgary goes a bit crazy with The Stampede. Businesses are decorated in Old West themes, and our bank is no exception. For the occasion, we print up ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters featuring our manager and certain tellers and plaster them around the lobby. A customer walks in, looks at the posters, looks around in alarm at our bank manager, and then sidles up to my line.)

Customer: “Are you all right? I know you can’t talk, but do you want me to call 911?”

Me: “What’s the problem, ma’am?”

Customer: “Are they holding you hostage?”

Me: “Who?”

Customer: “Them!” *gestures at my bank manager*

Me: Oh, ma’am, they’re not criminals; they’re regular staff. This is Stampede!”

Customer: “You shouldn’t put up posters like that. It’s like yelling ‘Fire!’ in a movie theater!”

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