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Crime Doesn’t Pay, Especially When You Gloat

, , , , | Legal | May 7, 2021

I’m a senior staff member. On Saturday evening, the store where I work had about £70 worth of jewellery stolen. The individual was savvy and did it off camera so we only have a few details, and they describe most of our typical customers. As such, we are a bit stuck.

On Monday evening, one of the college-age workers comes in, phone in hand, and as though she’s on a mission.

Me: “You okay, [College Girl]?”

College Girl: “Are [Management People] in?”

Me: “No, I’m acting supervisor until 4:00 pm. Why?”

College Girl: “I got the thief admitting it on camera!”

It turned out it was her friend’s friend, who bragged about stealing the jewellery in front of the college girl, who happened to be filming at the time.

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