Crib-ayashi Maru

| Working | January 13, 2014

(It’s my first day working alone, and I’m pretty nervous. I check in a guest that had requested a crib earlier, and see there’s a note saying that it’s been delivered.)

Me: “Yes, sir. I see a note here saying that a crib is in your room waiting.”

Guest: “Great! Thanks!”

(Later, he calls to tell me that there is none. I end up having to hunt one down, which takes a long time. Meanwhile the guest is very angry, and berates me to the point of tears. The next day my manager calls me over.)

Manager: “We had a big complaint against you. It was from that guest last night.”

Me: “I tried to find him a crib.”

Manager: “Hmm…”

Me: “Someone had put a note saying it was in the room but it wasn’t.”

Manager: “Yes. We wanted to see how you would handle it if there was no crib and the guest wanted one.”

Me: “Wait a minute… Are you telling me that you put that note there?”

Manager: *nodding shrug*

Me: “So… you deliberately set up me up to see what I would do? The guest made me cry! He was furious!”

Manager: “I know. You failed the test! I won’t have you working alone yet.”

(Right away, I looked for another job that didn’t play games at my and the customer’s expense!)

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