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Creeping You Out Will Get The Creeper Out

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I am the only female employee at a game store and get my fair share of attention and good-natured ribbing from the customers. Most of them are polite and respectful. However, Creeper Customer is not one of them.

He comes into the store on average four times a week, always on the days I am working, and makes sexist and disparaging comments to me.

It’s now at the point where the manager will shoo me into the back room when Creeper Customer is coming. However, Creeper Customer spends lots of money and thus will never be barred.

Today, I find myself the only employee working in the store. The manager is on vacation, and I can’t get anyone else in. Luckily, it’s a slow day and my dad stops in to say hi. I am feeling pretty good until who else but Creeper Customer walks in.

My stomach drops. My dad notices him and steps away from the counter to browse.

Creeper Customer: “You the only one working today, sweetie?”

I grit my teeth, say yes, and then try to change the subject by asking if he is looking for something in particular. He leans in and gives a creepy smile.

Creeper Customer: “Well, I was going to buy some games, but since your boss isn’t here, I think I want you to have the money, instead. But you’re going to have to work for it.”

He raises his eyebrow and nods his head toward the storage room. It takes me a few seconds before it clicks: he is propositioning me!

Me: “If you’re hinting at what I think you are, then you need to leave. Now.” 

Creeper Customer: *Scoffs* “I’m only joking. You need to stop being such a prude.”

I am about to call my manager on his emergency line when I see my dad, who I completely forgot was in the store, walk up behind Creeper Customer and tap him on the shoulder. My dad is 6’3”, a former rugby player, and very intimidating. When Creeper Customer turns around, my dad leans in, gets right in his face, and growls.

Dad: “You piece of s***, did you just proposition my daughter? You’re going to apologize to her and then leave or we’re going to have a problem.”

Creeper Customer turns back to me, pale as a ghost, and mutters:

Creeper Customer: “Sorry.”

He then runs out of the store.

I call my manager and tell him what just happened, figuring this is going to be the thing that will finally get Creeper Customer banned.


Manager: “You handled things well. I’ll have a talk with [Creeper Customer] about his behavior when I get back.”

The fact that this Creeper was offering me money for sex, but it still wasn’t enough to warrant a ban, was infuriating. He was literally breaking the law on camera, but his money was more important than my comfort or safety?! Nope! That set me off.

I made some calls, including to the police AND to my manager’s superior, something I probably should have done long before this.

The response was far more satisfying than what my manager did, as someone higher up was there for my next shift and handed over security video and audio to the police. The manager never did return to work, and I got a much better manager shortly afterward.

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