Creeping Into The Parking Spot

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(I am pulling into a shopping carpark and notice an empty parking space to my right, as well as three other customers putting their groceries into their cars. Unfortunately, carpark road rules say I can only turn left, so I do so and do a loop around the car park to return to that spot where I would be able to park. When I return to that area, just half a minute later, there is an angry looking customer holding up the flow of traffic in the carpark entry. He wants to turn right, where I had spotted the car spaces. I indicate left and enter the area and immediately find a spot. One car leaves and the angry customer parks, immediately next to me. Another car leaves, leaving a third spot free and a mother is putting her child in her car, meaning a fourth will soon become available. This guy looks pretty rough, the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with, and I am a woman.)

Angry Customer: *looks at me, scowling* “You stupid f****** b****!”

(He continues as he gets out of his car and begins to walk past me, swearing and shouting. I have had enough. I get out of my car.)

Me: *speaking calmly* “You shouldn’t get so angry.”

Angry Customer: *waving his arms around* “Well, I am telling you, you are f****** lucky I was able to park here or I’d have messed you up!”

Me: *raising my voice* “No! You listen. I entered the car park before you and saw what would soon be four car spaces in this area. I followed the road rules and turned left when I was supposed to, and you held up traffic before turning right illegally. Even if you were allowed to turn right there, I would still have right of way because you need to give way to me. Plus, I am in a parking spot, you are in a parking spot, and there are now an additional two empty spots here. So, what is the point in acting like a lunatic?”

(The angry customer looks at left only sign. His face pales.)

Angry Customer: “Oh! I am sorry! You are right and I shouldn’t get angry like this. I have to say I am really proud of you for standing up to me. That’s really brave. No one ever stands up to me.”

(He continued like that as I walked hurriedly to the shopping centre. He was creepier when he was polite than he was when he was angry. When I returned to my car I found a rose on my windscreen.)

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