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Creeping Into Creepy Territory

| Learning | June 2, 2015

(I have a tendency to say things that other people may find creepy. There’s a teacher in my school that my best friend and I are on very good terms with and I find him to be rather good-looking. One day, after changing classes, we pass him in the corridor.)

Me: “Hey, Mr. [Teacher]!”

Friend: “We’ve just changed classes! You’ll have to put up with us for the next three years!”

Teacher: “Woe is me! If you don’t behave, I’ll get you expelled!”

Me: “Oh, shut up, you wouldn’t!”

Teacher: “You never know, [My Name]! Bye now, my next class is waiting!”

(He winks at me and walks off. When he’s out of earshot, I turn to my friend.)

Me: “He just winked at me. I think I’m gonna swoon. Please catch me.”

Friend: “He IS good-looking, right? I thought it was just me!”

Me: “Wait, you don’t think I’m creepy?”

Friend: “No, you’re right!”

Me: “Good.” *short pause* “Well, if he wasn’t that old and my teacher, I’d probably try to kiss him. Wait, is he married? If not, I might just overthink not trying…”

Friend: “NOW you’re being creepy!”

(I didn’t try.)

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