Crediting Some Faith In Humanity

, , , | Working | June 13, 2016

(I go to get my car’s oil changed after putting it off for longer than I should have due to money issues. I only go today because I have a coupon for a better deal that I could afford. I’m checking my car in…)

Tech: “I’m sorry; our location isn’t accepting this coupon anymore. Neither is [Location 20 miles away].”

Me: “Oh…” *freaking out a little* “I’ve always used it here before.”

Tech: “We do have a $5 off coupon for a Works package. That’s the oil change, tire rotation, and check up. That comes to $39.95.”

Me: “Well, okay, I guess I have to. I’ll take that then.” *thinking to self that I can just make it if I don’t get groceries and don’t do anything else the next two weeks*

(I trudge to the waiting area and sit, mindlessly staring at the TV for a little over an hour, almost in tears at one point when I was thinking about my money situation.)

Tech: *walks in the room and calls my name* “If you’ll just step over to the checkout, we have your car ready for you. Oil’s changed and everything checks out fine.”

Me: “Thank you.” *thinking at least there wasn’t anything wrong I had to pay for*

Cashier: *typing my info into her computer* “Oh, it looks like you have a credit here for $50 on your account. Would you like to use that?”

Me: *wide-eyed and stammering* “Wha… what? Yes, I’d like to use that very much! Where did that come from?”

Cashier: *smiles* “It doesn’t show how you earned it. Well, you’re all set. Have a great day!”

(I wished her a great day too, still in shock. I have no idea where that $50 came from. There’s no reason it should have been there. Did someone in the waiting room see me looking sad and tell the cashier to give it to me? Did the tech know I was down about the money and put it there? I’ll never know. But I sure am grateful, however it got there.)

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