Credit Them For Getting There Eventually

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(I’m returning something at a store whose return policy is that within 30 days you can have a refund in the form of original payment — i.e. money put back on your credit card — if you have the original receipt. It’s the 25th. I bring the item I’m returning and its receipt, which clearly states it was purchased on the 28th of the previous month.)

Cashier: “Since this is over 30 days, you’ll get store credit.”

Me: “But it’s less than 30 days.”

Cashier: “No, it was purchased on the 28th last month, so it’s more than 30 days.”

Me: “But it’s the 25th today.”

Cashier: “Yes, but this was purchased last month.”

Me: “Yeah, less than 30 days ago. It was like 27 or 28 days ago.”

Cashier: “It says here it was on the 28th.” *she points to the date on the receipt* “See? So, it was more than 30 days ago.”

Me: “But 30 days from the 28th last month would be the 28th this month, which is next week.”

Cashier: “No, but… Oh. Hold on.”

(The cashier checks with a coworker.)

Cashier: “Okay, so, do you have the credit card you paid with?”

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