Credit For Effort!

, , , | Working | May 28, 2020

I have a friend who, despite identifying as female, dresses entirely in men’s clothing and is often mistaken for a guy. She has a very feminine name, as well.

We are walking through the bag and pocket check at a theater. My friend empties her pockets, begins to drop some quarters, and walks off without noticing.

Security Guard: “He’s dropping quarters everywhere!”

The guard takes a closer look at my friend.

Security Guard:She’s dropping quarters everywhere!”

The guard looks at her yet again, this time very confused.

Security Guard:They’re dropping quarters everywhere!”

He looks at me, desperate. I decide to help the poor guy.

Me: “Hey, [Friend]!”

The guard has a sudden spark of recognition.

Security Guard: “OH! [Friend]! [Friend]!”

She finally notices what’s going on and turns around to find me laughing like a maniac and the security guard looking at the both of us with a very sheepish expression.

Friend: “What?”

Me: “You dropped your quarters.”

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