Creating Office Banana Drama

| Working | December 15, 2015

(My boss walked by my cubicle singing the first five words of a well-known song, and it promptly got stuck in my head. An hour later I head over to his cubicle.)

Me: “You know, I’m really mad at you now.”

Boss: “Why?”

Me: “Because now I have [Song] stuck in my head.”

Boss: “Oh, was I humming that?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boss: “Oh.” *he pauses, and then picks up a banana and a rubber band off his desk. He puts the banana on my head* “Here, I can get the song out of your head.”

Me: “What… are you doing?”

Boss: “If I can shoot the banana off your head, the song won’t be stuck in your head anymore.”

Me: “…Okay.”

(I play along and close my eyes. My boss fires the rubber band and it hits the banana, bounces off, and goes flying across the room. The banana itself does not move.)

Boss: “Sorry, it didn’t work. I’ll need my banana back.”

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