Crazy Requests Only Go In One Direction

| UK | Right | November 18, 2014

(I work in a shop that sells comics, video games, trading cards, and assorted trinkets related to the culture around them. I work in the back where I test incoming consoles to check for issues. Between the back and the front is a small hole in the wall where I see a customer with a problem.)

Coworker: “That’s gonna be £32.20.”

Customer: “Wait, I have the deal here.”

(The place is running a small deal where you get 10% of the cheapest item if you present a flyer with the deal written on the back. My coworker proceeds to change the price accordingly. I get called to the front while the customer speaks to the owner. After hearing him rant for about five more minutes:)

Customer: “I can’t believe you advertize a deal and not follow up on it. The [Competing Store] down the road would give me all this for free for all the trouble. What can YOU do for me?”

Me: “Give you directions to [Competing Store]?”

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  • Lord Retro

    So customer got the deal but says he didn’t get the deal? Something seems to be missing…

    • Jennifer Moroney

      He’s offended that he had to present the flyer himself, that they didn’t read his mind and know he had it.

    • Difdi

      It sounds to me like it could be one of two things.

      Either the customer thought he should get the deal without presenting the coupon for it…or he thought that it should take 10% off the most expensive item, not the cheapest, despite what it actually said.

      Possibly even both.