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Cranking That Inconsideration Up To 104

, | Working | May 19, 2017

(I work for a third party vendor at a theme park. One night around midnight, my four-month-old son wakes me up by screaming. When I check on him, he has a 104-degree fever. I immediately put him in his car seat and race to the emergency room. I watch them do everything they can to try to bring his fever down for hours and finally admit him. Around six am I call the store to let my supervisor know that I won’t be at work that day. I fill her in on everything that has happened, including that he still has a fever of 100.)

Boss: “So I can assume you already have your replacement lined up?”

Me: “No. I don’t even have shoes on, let alone the list. And even if I hadn’t been freaked out that my son was dying, I seriously doubt that anyone would answer the phone at one am!

(My boss proceeds to scream at me that I’m a horrible, inconsiderate employee and that she’s going to write me out.)

Me: “You know what? Go ahead.” *hangs up on her*

(Later that afternoon, the owner showed up at the hospital to offer me my job back, with the next week off to take care of my son. I was there for another two years before that same supervisor fired me for getting sick at work.)

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