Cranking Down Mr. Cranky

, , | Working | May 5, 2016

(I am six years old, at the grocery store with my mom. We go to the register and end up behind a man who is berating the teenage cashier so viciously that she is openly crying. After a few minutes of listening to him, I pipe up:)

Man: *almost screaming at this point*

Me: “MISTER! You’re cranky! You need a nap!”

(The cashier’s jaw drops, the man turns toward me with an ugly look on his face, and Mom is praying that she won’t have to hit this man for turning on me. Suddenly he starts laughing.)

Man: “Young lady, I think you may be right!”

(He said he had been having an absolutely horrid day up to that point and apologized to the cashier for taking his frustrations out on her and to my mother for making us listen to his tirade.)

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