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Crafting Confusion In Your Sleep

| Romantic | December 11, 2014

(My husband sometimes talks in his sleep, though I usually can’t make out what he’s saying, and the morning after he never remembers, so I can never ask about it. Then one night, this happens:)

Husband: “That’s a four-s***-floor.”

Me: *waking up* “What?”

Husband: *half-sitting in bed, staring intently at me and pointing to the roof* “THAT’S a four-s***-floor!”

Me: *confused* “What do you mean?”

Husband: *sinking back in his pillows* “Never mind.”

Me: “No, tell me!”

Husband: “I’m too tired; I’ll explain tomorrow.”

Me: “You don’t even remember, do you?”

Husband: “Well, in Minecraft, mods version, apartment, expensive in reality…” *trails off*

Me: *looking at the clock* “Uh, did you just go to bed?”

Husband: “Yeah…”

Me: “Seriously? I thought you said you were tired when I went to bed.”

Husband: “Mmmmmh… ”

Me: “Geez.”

Husband: *seems to finally wake up* “Wait, what?”

Me: “You said you just went to bed.”

Husband: “What time is it?”

Me: “Four am.”

Husband: “Nooo, I went to bed hours ago.”

Me: “Oh, okay. You don’t remember what we’ve been talking about, do you?”

Husband: *half sits up again* “Yeah, in Minecraft there is this modded mode, where they have a bad quality block, but in reality it hurts you more and you pay more.”

Me: “And because of this you felt it necessary to wake me up and tell me about the four-s***-floor?”

Husband: “THAT I don’t remember.”

(He goes straight back to sleep, while I am wide awake with our kitten joyfully attacking my foot under the duvet. The next morning, after over-sleeping:)

Me: “The next time you want to let me know about any other neighbours that have a four-s***-floor, please don’t do it at four am.”

Husband: “What’s a four-s***-floor?”

Me: “I don’t know, you’re the one who said it. Apparently it has to do with Minecraft.”

(My husband just looks at me confused. Turns out he had no memory of any part of the conversation.)

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