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| Friendly | September 20, 2016

(I am about ten years old. My parents are having a yard sale to get rid of some old stuff we no longer needed, including a bunch of outgrown baby stuff and a crib. Around noon, Mom and Dad go inside to grab a few more boxes of stuff while I stay outside to make sure none of the people there steal anything. As soon as my parents are out of sight, one lady, who’s been looking around for a bit, comes up to me.)

Lady: “Hey there, sweetie. Are you helping your mommy and daddy with this event?”

Me: “Yes, I am.”

Lady: “Wow, that’s amazing. They must trust you a lot.”

Me: *confused* “I guess.”

Lady: “Oh, I bet they do. I can just tell that you are very sweet and mature for your age.”

Me: *big smile* “Wow, thanks. I try but grown-ups often don’t notice.”

Lady: “Well, that’s not right. Sweet, smart little girls should be told all the time!”

(I am smiling like a maniac at that point and my ego is soaring. I am not very popular at school and most adults, other than my relatives, think I am weird. Hearing something so nice from a total stranger is something I thought would never happen.)

Lady: *looking at her watch* “Oh, shoot. I have other plans for today. I’d like to buy this crib before I go. Is that all right?”

Me: “Of course!”

(She reaches into her purse and pulls out $25. She handed it to me with a big smile.)

Lady: “That should be more than enough to cover the cost. Thank you so much, sweetie. You have a good day now.”

(She picked up the crib, loaded it into her car and drove off. As my parents returned with their extra boxes I ran up to them excitedly.)

Me: “Mom, Mom, look! I sold the crib to the nice lady and she gave me $25 for it.”

(My mom gave me a very confused look.)

Mom: “But we were selling the crib for $65.”

(In hindsight, I wish the lady had simply stolen the crib.)

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