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Cracking On The First Week

| Learning | February 19, 2014

(It’s the first week of school. A male student comes into the cafeteria and walks past the assistant principal, who is on lunch duty. The guy’s pants are pulled down some so that you could see a piece of his butt crack.)

Assistant Principal: “Hey, [Student]! Where do you think you’re going?”

Student: “Gonna get lunch.”

Assistant Principal: “Not like that, you’re not! Remember the student handbook?”

Student: “Yup.”

(We had all received a booklet with the school’s rules in it a few days prior to this.)

Assistant Principal: “Then you remember when it says, ‘Students are to wear bottoms high enough so that no undergarments are showing.’ Correct?”

Student: “But [Assistant Principal], I followed the rule.”

Assistant Principal: “How-”

Student: “Dude…” *he pauses for a moment* “I’m not wearing underpants. So they aren’t showing.”

(He walks to the lunch line, leaving the assistant principal dumbstruck.)

Assistant Principal: *to me* “Did that just happen?”

(He waited until the student finished his lunch, and then took him to the office.)

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