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Crabby About The Prices  

, , , | Working | October 5, 2019

(This happens in a local supermarket known for its cheap prices. We aren’t posh or rich but my wife does have a love for cooking and is VERY good and adventurous at it. Her parents are coming round for tea so we’ve been food shopping, have just arrived at the till, and are bagging up.)

Cashier: *looking at a small pot of crab meat we’ve chosen* “That can’t be right. Do you know what this is? It’s coming up at £4.50! It’s only small — must have doubled scanned it or something…”

Wife: “No, that’s right. It’s crab meat; it is expensive but we thought we’d treat ourselves tonight.”

Cashier: “Oh, okay.” *scanned a few more things through including two bags of large frozen prawns* “Having anything nice?”

Wife: “We thought we’d try crab and prawn linguine tonight. I’ve got my parents coming round.”

Cashier: *looking puzzled and down her nose at us* “You what? What’s that? Sounds a bit posh to me.”

Wife: “Well, it’s just crab meat and prawns, and linguine is a type of pasta. It’s very nice; you should try it.”

Cashier: “I’m having shepherd’s pie for tea tonight. I always have a baked potato on Sunday and shepherd’s pie on Saturday, but I had some shepherd’s pie leftover yesterday so I’ll have that tonight, too.”

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