Coworkers Uber Alles, Part 2

| Georgia, USA | Working | March 7, 2013

(I have been going to this sub shop for several years. I manage the ice cream store right beside it. I have a discount card that says if you buy one medium drink and one 6″ sub, you get a free 6″ sub.)

Me: “I’m gonna use this card again, so I want a medium drink and two 6″ subs, please.”

Employee #1: “Okay, sure. What kind of sub?”

Me: “Roast beef and provolone please with extra cheese.”

(Employee #1 takes my card and looks at it briefly before ringing the order up. It takes him a minute as the discount is new, and he has only been working there a few months.)

Employee #1: “Extra cheese… Okay, that’ll be $1.93.”

Me: “Uh, dude, I think you rang that up wrong. It was ‘Buy a drink AND a 6″, get a 6″ free.'”

(By now, Employee #2 has come over to see what going on. Employee #1 takes my card and reads it closely. Employee #2 examines the order on the register.)

Employee #2: “$1.93? That seems fair to me.” *swipes my card*

Me: *laughing* “Okay, if you are sure.”

Employee #1: “Yeah, you are always doing favors and stuff for us anyway. I was trying to figure out why you wanted to spend MORE money!”

(I just laughed and he made my sandwich. I went back to work and made all the guys their favorite item from my ice cream store and took it over to them. I think I have made some friends there!)


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