Cousin To Jean Valjean And Richie Rich

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(I’m 16 years old and am in the Boy Scouts of America. I’ve taken a group of younger scouts with me to a school board meeting. This is a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge I’m helping them earn. As we observe the meeting, I notice that one of the board member’s nameplates says, “Bob Roberts.” During a break, I speak up.)

Me: “Excuse me, Mr. Roberts?”

Roberts: “Yes?”

Me: “Your first name, Bob… That’s short for Robert, right?”

Roberts: “Yes, very good.”

Me: “So, your name is… Robert Roberts?”

Roberts: *deadpan* “Yes, it is.”

Me: “Your parents have quite a sense of humor, don’t they?”

Roberts: “Yes, they sure did.”

Me: “Do I dare ask what your middle name is?”

Roberts: “It’s Anthony.”

Me: *a little disappointed* “Oh…”

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