Courtshipping With Disaster

| UK | Working | March 3, 2013

(I am a female with very long hair. However at work, I keep it tied up in a bun. This occurs on a coworker’s first day at lunch time while I am re-tying my hair.)

Coworker: “Holy ****, you’re a GIRL?!”

Me: “You didn’t guess from [my very feminine name]?”

Coworker: “You just look really manly without hair.”

(A few minutes pass…)

Coworker: “So… are you single?”

Me: “Nope, sorry.” *shows him my engagement ring*

Coworker: “Come on, you can have a bit of fun before you’re tied down! Let’s go out for a drink later!”

Me: “So, ten minutes ago you thought I was a man, and now you’re asking me to cheat on my fiancé? Wow, you work quickly.”

(Thankfully, he hasn’t spoken a word to me since.)

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