Courtesy Is Not Very Courteous

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(I am at the end of my shift. Unfortunately, due to some kind of error, a few cashiers — including me — were put on watch with our drawers, called Cash Control. This basically means that at the end of every shift, you manually take out your drawer and return it to our Courtesy Counter, and you watch as they count it to make sure you aren’t missing anything. If anything is missing, you sign a slip. It’s very time-consuming, and the day hasn’t exactly been a good day with the level of rudeness from management and customers alike. To go into the counting area of Courtesy, you have to ring a doorbell. Keep in mind that nobody is currently at the counter.)

Me: *rings doorbell once* “I’m here to turn in my drawer.”

(I wait a good ten minutes with no response. It is well past my clock-out time. I can hear someone on the other side of the door working with change, so I decide to ring it once more, and I finally hear the click of the lock releasing.)

Me: *steps into room* “Hey, I’m here to—”

(The Courtesy lady gives me a glare like I killed her cat. I hand her my drawer and shrug it off as she counts the money inside. Once I’m cleared to go, I walk past Courtesy to see if I can still clock out.)

Courtesy #1: “You!”

Me: “Uh… Yeah?”

(A few customers nearby turn around.)

Courtesy #1: “You do not continuously ring that bell. Understand me?! I was with a customer before hearing that annoying bell go off so many times!”

Me: *confused* “I didn’t continuously ring it, though. I rang it once and waited a bit before ringing a second time. I also didn’t see you have any customers when I walked by. I’ve got to go home, and the waiting put me over the clock out ti—”

Courtesy #1: “I don’t care! You ring once! Once! You are not more important than the customer and you need to learn that.”

(I walk away as customers stare at me. I have some tears rolling and, of course, the clock won’t let me punch out, so I have to go to my manager to sign out. She doesn’t care why I am crying; she just tells me to leave and be more careful with my timing. So I just leave, crying on my way home. My next shift is the next day, and the Courtesy lady is not there; someone else is. I’m still on Cash Control so, at the end of my shift, I go back to Courtesy. I decided to just ring once and wait.)

Me: *rings bell* “I’m here to turn in my drawer.” *no response*

(I wait another ten minutes as I hear somebody on the other side, but I don’t want to get reprimanded again. I just continue to stand there until I finally hear the click. Once again, I get the death glare, this time from a second Courtesy lady. Oh, joy.)

Courtesy #2: “Maybe you would have gotten in earlier and you would’ve been clocked out on time. You actually have to ring the doorbell!”

Me: “I did ring it. I was reprimanded last time I rang it more than once.”

Courtesy #2: “Then it’s on you if I don’t hear it, because maybe I’m busy and can’t hear it the first time. That’s your fault. Now get out!”

Me: “I have to wait until you count my drawer, though.”

(I was a little unsure of letting her count my drawer, if she was so upset with me; she could say anything about my count and I could get in trouble. I later learned that everybody in Courtesy tends to act rude towards employees, and gets others written up numerous times for mistakes they didn’t even make. Courtesy has a clean record. I still work there, and they have given me trouble and a write-up since then. I’m not planning on staying much longer.)

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