Courage Under Hire

| Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Right | August 24, 2012

(I’m in the back, preparing for my shift. It’s past rush hour, but the station is still busy. My coworker is working the till, and there’s a line of customers.)

Coworker: “Good evening. What pump did you have?”

(Suddenly, the customer pulls out a BIG hunting knife.)

Customer: *threatening* “Give me the cash!”

Coworker: *annoyed* “Did you have gas to pay for or not? It’s late. There are people behind you in line waiting to pay and go home, and you’re holding up the line.”

Customer: *lowers knife* “Oh, sorry.”

(To everyone’s surprise, the would-be robber leaves, dejected. Everyone just stares at my coworker, dumbfounded.)

Coworker: “Wait, was he trying to rob us?”

Next Customer: “Balls of steel, man!”

(My coworker realizes what he’s done, and starts freaking out. He was a bit shaken for an hour or so, but was okay afterwards.)

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  • Moon

    Chat Noir:Badass.
    *Chat Blanc comes in, holding the knife in his mouth*
    Chat Noir:Set the knife down, GENTLY!
    *Chat Blanc does so*

  • Apologetic CheeseChomper

    So glad it worked out well. This could’ve turned out so much worse.

    I’m a bit worried about the coworker, though. If he was so spaced-out or whatever that he not only did his job but actually strayed from the routine and didn’t notice what was happening, he must have been either very tired or … what exactly, I don’t know. But it doesn’t sound healthy.