Coupons Are Often More Trouble Than They’re Worth

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Venus-Xtravaganza98 | June 21, 2021

I work for a big-name department store. I recently served a customer that left me completely baffled. She came in buying regular grocery items, but toward the end of her purchase, she had two hair products from a famous hairstylist’s company along with two free-up-to-$15 coupons. After I check those through:

Customer: “Did that $30 come off?”

Me: “The coupons aren’t $15 each, but free up to $15.”

Customer: “You’re wrong! I just got off the phone with [Famous Hairstylist] and they told me that you have to take $30 off, no matter what you say!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.”

I call my supervisor over to explain the situation, which she still doesn’t accept.

Customer: “[Famous Hairstylist] told me you have to do it for me!”

After several minutes of trying to reason with her, she demands we give her the coupons back, which we do, but then she complains that we charged her for the hair products.

Me: “You weren’t charged for them, but they’ll still show up as voided items.”

She seems to understand because she finally pays for her purchase. As she walks away:

Customer: “Thank you for being so nice.”

Me: *Without hesitating* “No problem!”

Customer: “I’m just kidding. You weren’t nice!”

Later, I found out that she went to customer service to complain that the voided transaction was still listed on her bill.

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