Coupon And On And On, Part 4

| Right | October 1, 2016

(It is a few days after our last sales have ended and new sales were added. We have to take down old sale tags and throw away paper ads with coupons in them and make way for the new ones. I’m opening, so I perform my usual duties and get the store ready for customers. I have just thrown away some old paper ads that were under my register because someone had forgotten to the other night. No biggie. I continue opening and finally get the sign on and prepare for the day. Within 10-15 minutes, a customer comes in. I politely greet her, but she ignores me and goes down an aisle. Eventually she comes to my register, ready to check out, and I’m about to complete it.)

Me: “All right, that will be $28.52, ma’am!”

Customer: “Hang on a sec.”

(I watch her walk over to our trash bin and dig out the old paper ads.)

Me: “Umm, what are you doing?”

Customer: “There’s coupons in here I can use.”

Me: “I’m afraid there isn’t. Those are expired, so their codes will not work in the system anymore.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous.”

(I figured she was going to give up and come and pay for her purchases but I see her starting to tear out coupons from the paper ads. I take a deep breath, knowing what I’m about to have to deal with. She comes back to the register and puts the expired coupons on the counter. I try not to notice what she just did.)

Me: “All right, $28.52, please.”

Customer: *pushes the expired coupons towards me* “You forgot these!”

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, they’re expired. There’s no way I can accept them. The computer will reject their codes.”

Customer: “You could’ve told me that ten minutes ago!” *storms out of the store, leaving behind her items*

Manager: *pops his head out of his office* “Uh… what just happened?”

Me: “It’s a Monday morning. That’s what happened. Only seven more hours to go…”


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