Counting The Pennies, Literally

, , , , , | Working | October 21, 2019

(I work as a cashier in a family-run burger restaurant. One of my fellow cashiers is very bad at math, which wouldn’t be an issue normally because the register does all the math for us. But he insists on writing out the prices and stuff on a pad next to the register before entering it, leading to conversations like this one:)

Customer: “I’d like [order].”

Cashier: *writes the order down on his pad, slowly working his way through the math* “That will be [Total].” *finally actually puts order into the register, which then promptly displays that total*

Customer: “Okay…” *hands over their payment*

Cashier: *starts figuring out the change he needs to give on the paper*

Customer: “Is something wrong with the machine?”

Cashier: *huffily* “I just like doing things myself.” *finally punches the payment in, getting prompted with the exact change needed*

(He’s been talked to by the supervisor several times, but he keeps insisting that he can do it himself. I’m pretty sure he is related to the owners in some way, which is why he hasn’t been fired yet.)

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