Counting On A Number Behind The Counter

| Romantic | December 14, 2011

(My friend drags me to an electronics store known for their tech support. When we arrive at the counter, I recognize an acquaintance behind the counter servicing a TV.)

Friend: “Hey, don’t we know that guy?”

Me: “We do! Hey, [acquaintance]!”

Acquaintance: “Hey ladies, how are you doing?”

Friend: “Wondering why you work here?”

Acquaintance: “It was hard to find something for my major nearby.”

Me: “I can help you find a job. I’ve actually been tasked with finding a few IT people.”

Acquaintance: “Well, thank you!”

(At this point, he walks back to the TV and ducks his head behind it.)

Friend: “Wait, do you have his number?”

Me: “No, I don’t! Hey, [acquaintance]!”

(I call his name a few times, but he fails to respond. I start getting impatient, and lean over the counter.)

Me: *shouting* “Get back here with your number!”

(At this point, security starts looking anxious and walks over.)

Acquaintance: *jumping up and waving his arms* “No, no! She’s with me! Everything is fine!”

(We started dating a week later, and we are quite happy together now!)

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