Counting Down Until Next Year

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(I work in a gift shop. The shop is closed for the Christmas holidays and we are using the absence of customers to do a serious stock take. We sell a lot of small items such as marbles and pencils, and as such we have to count hundreds of them and it’s all done by hand. It takes a lot of concentration and it’s extremely easy to lose count and have to start all over again. To make things more difficult, the only way for the admin workers to access their office area is to walk through our gift shop where we are counting. Our manager makes a request at the staff meeting that the office workers stay quiet as they walk through and not to disturb us while we are counting. It doesn’t work.)

Office Worker #1: “Oooh, is this the counting that I’m not meant to be disturbing?”

Office Worker #2: “Dear me, that looks boring.”

Office Worker #3: “What number are you up to now then?”

Office Worker #4: “How was your Christmas break?”

Office Worker #5: “Why are you ignoring me? I’m trying to talk to you. That’s a bit rude.”

Finance Staff: *standing in the middle of the shop having a loud conversation about money and numbers, distracting us from the numbers we were meant to be thinking about*

(I wish I could say this was a one-off, but this happened multiple times throughout the day, even after being reminded to stay quiet several more times by the shop managers. We all lost count every single time.)

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