Counting In A Childlike Way

, , , | Working | March 24, 2020

(I make a reservation for seven people at a local buffet restaurant for a family dinner. At this restaurant, children pay less than adults. We come, our table is there, and we eat, drink, and have a good time. Then, a bill for seven adults appears.)

Husband: “Wait, this can’t be right. The little one is only five.”

Server: “I’m sorry. There you go!”

(Now the bill is even higher because the guy just added a child to the total.)

Husband: “No, that’s wrong. We have six adults in the party, not seven.”

Server: “But… you reserved a table for seven!”

Me: “Yes. Six adults and one child make seven.”

(That cleared up the misunderstanding, and we could pay the correct amount. I thought I’d submit it as proof that the confusion whether children count as people apparently goes both ways.)

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