Couldn’t Say It Any Plainer

, , , | Right | August 11, 2017

Customer: “I’d like six plain biscuits.”

(Sometimes people want plain biscuits, but more often than not, they usually want sausage biscuits. So, I repeat:)

Me: “Six PLAIN biscuits?”

Customer: “That this is correct.”

Me: “Six PLAIN biscuits with NOTHING in them?”

(I give the total and ask him to pull forward. I just know he’s going to say this is wrong, so I tell the cashier to be sure to stress the PLAIN and that there is nothing in them. I also tell the presenter to stress this when handing the order out. To my surprise, the customer agrees this is his order. A few minutes later, I answer the phone and it’s his girlfriend complaining we forgot the sausage!)

Me: “He specifically said ‘plain biscuits’ even after asked multiple times. But no problem, we’ll gladly make them sausage biscuits if they bring them back.”

(A few minutes later, a girl brings in six plain biscuits and her boyfriend is complaining how we messed up his order. I apologize and explain.)

Me: “He was asked several times if they were ‘PLAIN biscuits.’”

Customer: *yells at me* “If I ask for a plain hamburger, it still has meat in it!”

Me: “Yes, but if you order a plain bun, it’s just going to be a plain bun… with nothing in it.”

(The girlfriend apologized and thanked us as they left.)

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