Couching Your Request For Drama

, , , , | Right | December 19, 2017

(In the back of the store, we have a lounge for people waiting for friends and family to finish shopping. A woman emerges from the fitting room wearing an outfit from our racks. She walks over to the lounge and lounges back on the couch and asks me to bring a mirror. I bring out a standing mirror for her, then she asks for bottled water. She spends some time preening and posing in the mirror, then shakes her head angrily.)

Customer: “Is there another couch somewhere?”

Me: “No…. May I ask why?”

Customer: *sighing* ”I want to wear this to Christmas, but I have no idea how I’ll look in it. I’ll be sitting on my sister’s couch and that is FOREST GREEN and more of a rigid upholstery. I’m afraid I JUST can’t get this if I can’t see what I’ll look like on that couch!”

Me: “I honestly don’t have another couch to offer you…”

Customer: “HONESTLY! I swear this place has no service!”

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